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Curtain Coater including belt conveyor

Curtain Coating Application

Curtain Coater unit

Curtain coater is a modern, high speed production line machine as part of a unit on a flat line finishing system to apply smooth films of lacquer and paint to the flat surface due to an outstanding way of environmentally friendly application.

The curtain coating is passing an object that need to be finished through a continuous stream or falling of the coating material being applied.
The finishing material is pumped and flowed so that it can form a curtain or fall of paint and bridges the entire width of the coater machine.
The object that is coated are passed the curtain of paint so that the object is streamed and wet by the paint flowed.
The excess of material are trapped below the head in a reservoir, re-pumped and reused with very little lose of solvent.

Curtain Coater, single unit

The curtain coater can do process of application finishing materials with a very high speed with very high material efficiency.
Curtain coater is the machine for application materials on flat, moderately curved and even works on rails and strips with little profile.

This tool can generate better surfaces with a thinnest layer of film that is more flat and smooth without roll marks like on a roller coater, however the examination of the lacquer material during the run and changeover of lacquer material is challenging between different batches.

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