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HVLP application with robots

High Volume Low Pressure HVLP

Spray guns

H.V.L.P. spray gun is the air spray gun that is modified to produce better transfer efficiency.
The material atomization is set in a low pressure (0.2 – 2 bar).

This way, the over spray generated, will be less and thus the more material will be attached and coat the surface. The H.V.L.P. spray gun will increase the efficiency of material transfer up to 30%-60%.

Automatic spray gun

- Less overspray
- Higher application efficiency up to 80%
- Less use of energy
- Best tool for small batch size
- Suitable for low volume and repairs

- H.V.L.P. air spray gun it needs slower movement or more overlapping.
- H.V.L.P. air spray gun will work well for materials with relatively low viscosity

Pumps and Pump lifting devices

These processes are just a brief projection of projects, implemented
from companies as seen on our pages, to provide outmost quality,
increasing process reliability and cutting the processing time to make
the process as uniform as possible.

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