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  • Further developments of industrial glass coating

    Common activities by a paint supplier and a machine manufacturer, initiated by Better Surfaces, culminated into new developments for the glass coating market.
    Requirements from the industry were being picked up and generated into solutions, so that even small glass manufacturers can utilize and invest into finishing systems for their requirements now.
    Next to the existing well known water based paints, for in- and exterior use, pigmented or clear, new developed UV systems, solvent free, in various colors are available now for interior use.
    It is possible now to apply these paints either with a spray system or by a roller coater with direct subsequent curing after.
    Almost any color is available and can be used now.
    Comprehensive tests were carried out to achieve improvements on existing paint systems and its application methods.

    Furthermore new transparent glass splinter paint has been developed to avoid injuries and damage, caused by glass splinters flying around.
    The paint can be applied single sided on any type of glass through any application method.
    This film does not have any influence on the translucency of the pane.
    Described materials in this report are already on the market and are successfully sold to the industry.

    Further tests and developments are on these products carried out consequently.
    If you have any question on these described products, please contact us.